Engle train
Pioneer Store Museum
Winston Carriage House
pointy hill near Winston
La Paloma Hot Springs Courtyard
Broadway, Truth or Consequences
Dam Site Restaurant
Elephant Butte Dam Overlook
Spaceport America Gateway to Space
Sierra Grande Lodge
residence in Hillsboro
RIverbend Hot Springs baths
Hillsboro Catholic Church
Main Street - Jaggers, Museum
Fountain at the State Veterans Home
entrance to Turtleback Mountain Resort and Sierra del Rio
Percha Dam State Park
Paseo del Rio between Elephant and Truth or Consequences
Indian Springs, Truth or Consequences
downtown Hillsboro
Elephant Butte boater
horse in Placitas
Turtleback Avenue, Truth or Consequences
Grapes Gallery, Main Street Truth or Consequences
San Jose catholic church, Cuchillo
road into Cuchillo New Mexico
WPA school in Monticello New Mexico
Hillsboro's Black Range School of Art
adobe and metal tower in hillsboro
Elephant Butte hiking path
CCC Building near Elephant Butte's Dam Site
Elephant Butte
Riverbend Hot Springs private bath entrance
sycamores at Animas Creek
Lake Valley School House
portal at Blackstone Hotsprings
water tower, downtown Truth or Consequences
Caballo Lake with fence posts and big puffy clouds
sandy beach at Elephant Butte
beer signs at the Pine Knot